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Fraser Names: Fraiser, Frasher, Frasier, Frasser, Fraze, Frazee, Frazer, Frazier, Frisale, Friseal, Frisell, Frizelle, Frizzell

Sept Names: Bisset, Bissett, Bysset, Brewster, Grewar, Gruar, MacGruer, MacKim, MacKimmie, MacSim, MacTavish, Olifer, Oliver, Sim, Sime, Simon, Simonds, Simpson, Sims, Simson, Sym, Syme, Symon, Symons, Symson, Twaddell, Twaddle, Tweedale, Tweeddale, Tweedie

MacRaes are always welcome in our association, abiding in the tradition that,

"As long as there is a Fraser within, there will never be a MacRae without"

Our Chief's Crest Badge and Motto

(I Am Ready)


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Cousins Robert (Big Bob) Fraser and Jim Fraser

We Got Started In May of 1961...

...when cousins Bog Bob and Jim Fraser went to Beauly, in the Highlands of Scotland to visit The Fraser country and meet the man who was then the Chief of the Clan, Simon Fraser, 17th Lord Lovat. He was also known as "MacShimidh" which means "Son of Simon" in Gaelic. (It has been customary to refer to the Chief of the Frasers as MacShimidh throughout Fraser history). They all had a great visit and MacShimidh asked them to visit again the following August, for a coming of age ceremony for his son Simon Fraser, the late Master of Lovat,1939-1994. (Father of the new Chief) Even though in that day it was, in the majority, unheard of to visit Europe twice in such a short period of time, they returned with much enthusiasm that August. After a California style Bar-B-que dinner, followed by martinis prepared by Bob, to thank Lord Lovat, he asked the cousins if they thought the rest of the California Frasers might have the same enthusiasm that they did and if so, why not form an association? They responded that they couldn't see why others wouldn't have the same zeal that they had. Bob and Jim thought on this for a while and after Bob finished his California Bar Presidency in 1963, they pulled together with a few other Southern Californians, Scotty Fraser, Rod Fraser, Lynn Frasier and other's they had cold called. They kept calling Frasers out of the phone book and sent mailings to get a group to come together at Bob's house in the spring of '64, to organise a first gathering. It was decided then and there that they would gather on Bob's property in the Ortega Hills, known as the Round Potrero. They sent invitations and had the first gathering there, on Memorial Day weekend, 1964. The association received a charter from Lord Lovat that year in perpetuity and the California Frasers have gathered in the very same location ever since then. The majority of the pictures you see on this website were taken at the Round Potrero, except for those taken in Scotland. The Round Potrero has been the home of the California Frasers for nearly thirty five years now. Find out about getting to the Potrero, by clicking on the Place of the Frasers link, or click any of the underlined words to get to their links. I hope this site can be of some use to you and to us, in getting all of us more connected.


Frisealach Air-Son MacShimidh!

(A Fraser for Simon)

Why the Clan Fraser Today?

by Robert (Big Bob) Fraser

There Is Much More to Gain...

...from your Clan than the society of kinsman and good fellowship. There is more to acquire than healthy activity and respite from a wearing environment. Who of us has not felt pride in our past, in our lineage, in the accomplishments of our forebears? Who of us is not justly proud of the Fraser name? Let me tell you of the intangible benefits of which our Clan today has so rich a store. It gives us, long wandering and but lately settled down, roots deep into history, deep into centuries behind us. We are not simply names and faces; we are the fingers of those roots, still growing from that mighty tree, the Clan Fraser of Stratherrick, Strathfarrar and the Aird. We are the emigrants, the living evidence that the stone ruins of the glens of the Fraser country were peopled by a hardy and proud race. We have things in common others do not. We were on the battle fields of Flodden, the Blar-na-leine, in the bloody marge of Loch Lochy. We mustered at Inverness to welcome Mary, Queen of Scots. We defeated the Earl of Huntly at Corrichie and fought Cromwell a hundred years later at Dunbar. When they speak of Bonnie Dundee and his army, they also speak of Clan Fraser. We took Inverness Castle in 1714 and in the last spirit of chivalry, many of us died in the ranks of Clan Fraser as it fought for Scotland and Bonnie Prince Charlie, at Culloden. We were a family to be reckoned with, a moving force in a moving time. Perhaps we cannot, for lack of records our grandfathers, who have built the heritage we own, but we know they were there. We know this as truly as we know the name we bear. Those who come after us will bear our name and they will give us the same immortality we give the kilted warrior who fell at Blar-na-leine. Why Clan Fraser today? To honour our grandfathers, to give stability and pride to our children, to steady ourselves in a spinning world, and to honour our late Chief who, from across the water, spoke out in a ringing voice on Dounie Field.  

"The day seems to have gone like a wedding bell. All this proves that the Clan spirit still exists and that it means something, even today. I am proud that my eldest boy (when he bested the field in throwing the stone) has proved that a Clan Chief does not need to stand on privilege, but simply to show that he is the first among his equals. That is the message I send out to all my Clansmen, all over the world---to stand on no privilege, but be first among equals".




The Present Chief,

Simon Fraser, 25th MacShimidh, 18th Lord Lovat

(In a Tug of War at his coming of age celebration. <--Click here to "visit" Scotland.)

F.Y.I.- Every Tartan You See...

...on this website is some version and colour variation of either the Fraser dress or hunting tartans. In our California association we prefer the homespun "sett", or design of the Fraser hunting tartan, that is used for the background of the Scotland page. That sett is the same one the late Lord Lovat wore, his sons wear it and the the new Chief wears it as well. Over the years it has become indicative of our association. You will see many wearing "our favourite" on this website.


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